Qualitative Data • Collections

The in-depth interviews and focus-group discussions were conducted in 2012-2016 in all regions of Ukraine and are grouped into 9 thematic collections. By employing a bottom-up approach, the database places micro-level and local dimensions into the regional, national/state, as well as transnational perspectives. The methodology of biographical and semi-structured interviews as well as moderated focus-group discussions was used. The combination of quantitative data with in-depth interviews gives researchers a chance to go beyond the measures of common support (or non-support) of certain attitudes, and analyze how respondents understand and articulate various subjects, and what meanings they attribute to them.

The qualitative database collection was coordinated by dr. Viktoriya Sereda. The transcripts are fully anonymized and can be browsed through an interactive database after registration.

  1. History and memory (2012-2016, 390 in-depth interviews with city, town and village dwellers on family and collective memories and the perception of changing historical policy, 14 focus-group discussions with school teachers of history, conducted in 13 oblast’ centers)
  2. Fallen Soldiers (2012-2013, 20 expert interviews on the cult of fallen soldiers in Zhytomyr, Luts’k and Kharkiv)
  3. Museums (2013-2015, 50 expert interviews with the employees of local history museums in 10 cities)
  4. Religion(2012-2015, 260 in-depth interviews with the representatives of different religious communities conducted in 12 oblast’ centers of Ukraine)
  5. Language (2012-2015, 15 FGD with school teachers of Ukrainian language and literature, conducted in 14 oblast’ centers; 2 FGDs with leaders of national minorities organizations in Uzhgorod and Chernivtsi)
  6. Literature (10 expert interviews with young Ukrainian poets)
  7. Economy (2013, 10 expert interviews with top-managers of Ukrainian companies in Kyiv, Luts’k, Lviv and Donetsk)
  8. Euromadian (2013-2014, 140 interviews with the participants of Euromaidan protests in Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv)
  9. IDPs (2015-2016, 80 interviews with internally displaced persons from Crimea and Donbas, conducted in Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Turkey)