This web platform is designed to present ongoing project results, provide access to research database and foster interdisciplinary cooperation in Ukrainian studies

The “Ukrainian Regionalism” initiative was launched in 2012 by the University of St. Gallen and is ongoing. The project proposes an interdisciplinary and transcultural approach to the question of regionalism in Ukraine, challenging simplistic conceptualizations and generalizations. It shows how Ukraine can best be understood through the lenses of various disciplines and methodologies, moving beyond the perspective of traditional political borders, macro-regions and cultural, economic, historical or religious stereotypes.






  • 2013- 2017 

    Three all-Ukrainian representative surveys

  • 2012- 2017 

    Qualitative research conducted in all Ukrainian regions

  • Sample that allows to move beyond pre-defined macro-regions

  • In-depth interviews and focus-group discussions

  • Socio-demography, identities, foreign policy, history, language and literature, religion, economy and post-Maidan Ukraine

  • History and memory, language and literature, economy, religion, Euromaidan and IDPs in Ukraine

  • Survey data visualized as interactive maps, infografics, word clouds and video

  • Searchable interactive database of interviews and FGDs

Regionalism without Regions
Reconceptualizing Ukraine’s Heterogeneity
This collective volume shows how Ukraine can best be understood through its regions and how the regions must be considered against the background of the nation. The aim of the book is to challenge the dominance of the nation-state paradigm in the analyses of Ukraine by illustrating the interrelationship between national and regional dynamics of change.
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