Constantin Ardeleanu:

University of Galaţi, New Europe College (Bucharest, Romania)

Projects: Transcultural Contact Zones

Constantin Ardeleanu is the professor of modern Romanian history at the Department of History, Philosophy and Sociology of “The Lower Danube” University of Galaţi, where he teaches courses on 19th century Romanian history and the economic development of the Danubian and Black Sea areas during the 19th and 20th centuries. During the past years, Constantin has been a long-term fellow of the New Europe College, an Institute for Advanced Study in Bucharest, where he coordinates the “Pontica Magna” Fellowship Programme. He is also a research fellow at Utrecht University, within the ERC project “Securing Europe, Fighting its Enemies. The Making of a Security Culture in Europe and Beyond, 1815–1914”, where he studies the European Commission of the maritime Danube and focuses on its contribution towards the establishment of a European security culture. His latest book is entitled “International Trade and Diplomacy at the Lower Danube: the Sulina Question and the Economic Premises of the Crimean War, 1829–1853 (Brăila, 2014).