Uku Lember:

Tallinn University (Estonia)

Projects: Transcultural Contact Zones

Uku Lember is a lecturer of history at Tallinn University (Estonia). He is interested in the study of late Soviet Union, memory politics, ethnicities and queer history. Uku defended his PhD in 2014 at Central European University in Budapest with a dissertation on the oral history of Russian-Estonian marriages in Soviet Estonia. In 2015, he expanded a similar research ideas to Ukraine, asking how families with differing cultural heritage have adjusted to conflicts in socio-cultural alignments and in which ways have their historical interpretations recently changed (based on biographical interviews). In the last years, Uku Lember has received research grants and stipends for working at Cornell University (USA), University College London SSEES (UK), New Europe College (Bucharest, Romania), Taras Shevchenko National University in Kyiv (Ukraine), and Uppsala University UCRS (Sweden). In 2017-18, he is starting a new project on Soviet queer history at Tallinn University. Uku’s most recent publication is titled “Temporal horizons in two generations of Russian-Estonian families during late socialism” (2016).