Alexander Kratochvil:

Czech Academy of Science (Prague)

Projects: Region, Nation and Beyond; Transcultural Contact Zones; New History of Ukrainian Literature

Alexander Kratochvil is J.E. Purkyně Fellow at the Czech Academy of Science, Prague (till 2016, now visiting scholar). MA in Slavic literatures and East European History, University of Freiburg (1993), Disseration (Dr.phil.) about Ukrainian literature in 1920ies (1999). Research interests: memory and trauma studies, literary history, ecocriticsm, pc-games and narratives of popular media. 2005 – 2009 was head of the Ukrainian Summer School Greifswalder Ukrainicum, research and teaching at the universities of Plzeň (CZ), Greifswald, Konstanz and Humboldt University Berlin, literary translation from Ukrainian and Czech literature (Oksana Zabuzhko, Jurij Vynnychuk, Oleksandr Irvaec‘, Jan Procházka et al.). Author of numerous books and articles on Ukrainian literature, editor of Greifswalder Ukrainistische Hefte.